The world of IoT is fragmented. Devices use different radio (or other) technologies and speak different protocols to different ecosystems.

Then there are a number of software platforms aiming to overcome this by integrating ecosystems with each other. But note that a lot of ecosystems and tools make unstated assumptions about IoT.

Here is one of the most common assumptions: The device is a ~$100+ unit that connects to the internet. It’s easy to spot this one from the pricing: If the platform is costing multiple dollars per device per month, it’s clearly not intended for low-cost devices sending data infrequently.

And there lies the challenge: Who is to claim they have a comprehensive overview over ‘IoT’ and all the verticals it might serve? Who can really understand the needs of the end-users, without narrowing down who those users might be?

Convergence is certainly worth striving for, but it needs to be a slow and organic process. Don’t be fooled by those claiming to have solved it.

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