IIoT World’s Manufacturing Day 2022


PropTech Next Summit by Future Real

12th May, 2022: IIoT world presents Manufacturing Day 

Smart Factories and Smart Manufacturing: This virtual event brings together IIoT subject matter experts from all over the world to share insights on IIoT & AI technologies applied in the Manufacturing Industry. 

During the one-day online event, 30+ subject matter experts will share insights on how IoT is making the factories smarter. Especially in regards to the implementation of artificial intelligence and the ecosystem of manufacturing, they will be gathering a global audience to explore the most innovative real-world use cases of hardware and software facilitating AI at the edge with examples focused on smart manufacturing.

Who Should Attend:
– C-Level Executives
– Business Line Executives
– Innovators and Startups
– Plant Managers, OT/IT Managers, Product Managers, Automation Managers
– Directors OT/IT, Automation, Networking, IoT Solutions, Data Analytics
– Software Programmers – IoT Developers, Software Architects
– Managers IoT Architecture, Directors Data Analytics, Project Leads Digitalization
– Product Managers IT/OT, Plant, Automation, Integration
– Project Leads, Automation, IIoT, Factory 4.0, Digitalization, OT