the digital world and its challenges

In today’s digital world, data centres are an essential part of our lives without us even knowing. It’s vital for us to take steps to make these critical facilities as efficient as we can.

The challenges

Data centres are particularly susceptible to environmental changes, and any downtime can lead to significant revenue loss and damage brand reputation.

metrikus data center

The metrikus solution

data center

Metrikus helps you to proactively monitor your data centre to uncover and solve any issues that could be harmful to equipment and its performance.
Metrikus is able to deploy a range of sensors and integrate with any hardware vendor to bring you the data you need.

The platform capabilities include:

– Overheating prevention
– Vibration monitoring
– Humidity monitoring
– Leak detection
– Door monitoring for security purposes

Derby Data Centre

We worked with the team at Derby Data Centre to improve operational efficiency. Engineers were having to attend site regularly to check on the status of equipment, sometimes unnecessarily. And they had no visibility of hot and cold spots within the space which meant they were inadvertently wasting energy.

Access to our platform gave engineers remote access to the data they needed, reducing the number of call-outs, and saving time, money and vehicle emissions. Environmental sensors also showed inefficiencies in their heating and cooling systems, and rectifying these issues led to a significant improvement in energy efficiency.

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